Thursday, May 28, 2015

Starting a discussion

I would like to have a discussion about the affect cell phones have on relationships. Everyone has a phone these days and most people have smart phones so that they have access to the internet and social media. Although social media has good uses it also has some not so good ones. People say things on the internet that they wouldn't say in person and people also spread rumors more easily because you can be "anonymous". For these reasons relationships have been taking a lot of damage and don't last as long.
The first cell phone came in the seventies, which also happens to be when the divorce rates hit their highest point. I'm not saying that phones are the death of marriage and that they shouldn't exist, I'm just saying that there might be a correlation between the increase in phone use and social media, and the genuinity and length of relationships.

Many relationships are also helped by cell phones. People can connect from anywhere and be able to meet new people without needing much work. People can resolve conflicts without needing any physical help. Cell phones make it easier to make plans and set up meetings and events with other people.

Cell phones definitely have a negative effect on people though. When a group of friends goes out to eat you would expect them to have meaningful conversations and enjoy each other. These days, you can walk into a restaurant and see many people sitting together with their eyes glued to their phones. It used to take effort to be social with people which is why relationships aren't as genuine anymore. People are "friends" simply because it's easy to talk to each other without actually seeing each other.

Do the benefits of cell phones outweigh the downfalls?
Do cell phones have a negative effect on relationships?

Friday, May 15, 2015

Where do you get your news?

I've watched The Daily Show for the past ten days. They are a liberal news source which is very evident in their shows. They spend most of their time picking apart the things that republicans say and making fun of them. The show focuses mainly on political news and adds small snippets of other stuff that they just kinda throw in there. I only got a 4 out of 9 on the news quiz which I think is because The Daily Show is mainly political, and because I'm not a great guesser.

The Daily Show isn't meant for people with republican views. It is meant for people who already share similar views with what they spread through their show. This news is swayed and tampered with. They spread information but they change it so that it fits their political views.

Below is a headline from a liberal news source called The Nation. It gives you a statement that they say republicans are telling you, which is the part about Rand Paul fighting for your rights, and add a statement that shows flaws. "Unless you're a woman" turns this statement into something that you are supposed to get upset about. They want you to think that conservatives don't care about your privacy and are sexist. It shows that they are tampering with their news to get you to feel a certain way.

Below is a headline from a conservative news source called RedState. They tell you that because of what our democratic president is doing, our constitution is going to die. They don't say that the deal Obama is making is going against the constitution. They say that it is actually killing the foundation of our government. Once again they use harsh words and phrases to get you to feel like something is being corrupted and that you need to do something about it.

Not everyone goes to political sites to get all of their news but that doesn't mean that political news sources are the only ones that are swayed. Sites like TMZ try to make you feel like you need to be involved with the lives of celebrities by making their issues seem important to everyone. Most news sources try to make their news please their viewers so they change it. It might not be a great thing but it does get people to learn about events happening everywhere which is a good thing.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Experts reveal best teaching methods

It turns out that all those years of teacher school have gone to waste! Experts at Midwestern South Central Institute for Teachers Academy State University have made numbers saying you're a bad teacher! We will now reveal to you some tips on how you should teach your class!

1. Don't actually teach. This is by far the most important tip of them all. When spreading your important information on to the minds of your future, you need to avoid giving them anything to actually learn.

  • Make videos for the students to watch outside of class instead of teaching them in class. This allows you to avoid doing any work while still keeping knowledge away from the students. 
  • Give worksheets that make them take information out of books so that your job can seem obsolete. 
  • Debate about things that don't matter so that you can be entertained by angry children.
  • Only let them learn about what you think is cool. If you don't like an important piece of knowledge then get rid of it! The things that you are interested in are way more important than enriching the minds of future generations!
  • Make them take tests on subjects they have very little knowledge about.
2. Try to be annoyed by everything your students do. If your kids are done with their work, get mad at them for being too productive! If the students are having trouble understanding things, tell them they are stupid and leave them behind! It's important for the kids to feel like you regret your life made a mistake in choosing your career path.

3. Don't let kids leave the room. Give them the option of going to the bathroom or failing your class. Studies show that students learn better in prison-like settings. If you confine your students and keep them from having any kind of interaction outside of your classroom, then your class will be more successful and you will win awards.

4. Look old even if you aren't. Students are more likely to do well on unimportant tests if  you look like your face has been sculpted into a mountain range of wrinkles by the unwanted, and oh-so horrible, smiles of adolescence.

5. Destroy the social lives of your students by giving them an obscene amount of unexplained homework. If your students don't watch those videos you make them sit through (even though you didn't even make them) then they might do other dangerous things like interact with their peers and take part in outdoor activities that give them happiness. Make them choose between happiness and a passing grade in your class.

6. Get a teaching assistant that can do your work for you. If for some reason you can't resist the urge to see what your students have learned then get a teaching assistant. Make them review the development of your students and decide whether or not they understand the impossibly confusing work that someone else made for them. Make sure they don't want to be there. A teaching assistant that hates you as much as the students do is the best asset to your classroom.

7. Abuse your power. You don't have a lot but your students don't know that! Do things that you aren't actually allowed to do. Invade your students' privacy by going through their phone. Keep them in your class after they are supposed to leave so that they get yelled at by their next teacher. Hit them, They learn better when they feel abused.\

8. Avoid meaningful conversation. Try to only talk about things that don't actually matter. Make your in class conversations reflect on the unimportance of their lives.

These are all very important tips on how to make your classroom the best it can be.

"The best teachers don't actually teach you anything" - Guy who wants to seem humble by remaining anonymous but tells everyone that he came up with this quote

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


The design of anything is extremely important. If you want someone to notice your work and pay attention to it, then you have top make sure that it looks good. If it looks unprofessional then it won't catch your viewers eye.

The design of something as simple as a water bottle can change the success of a company greatly. A company like Propel shapes their bottles so that they have a sporty feel that is appealing to athletes. Fiji uses a sleeker design that makes it look more sophisticated, as if it should be used by the upper class. They design their bottles to fit a certain purpose. To be appealing to certain groups of people.

Good designs are simple but still tell a story. They don't overload you but they make sure you leave with new information. They arrange everything in a way that is so appealing that you will actually want to tread what it says. They stay consistent so that everything flows together. The design is what makes the story readable. Most of the time it doesn't even matter what the story on the page is about. If you have an extremely boring story but the design is really good, people will still read it. But if you have a really good story with an awful design, then people will be less likely to read it.

The design of a page doesn't just affect who reads your story, but also how people feel about the story. Bright colors and round edges make the page seem more happy and filled with energy. Dark color and sharp edges make the page feel more serious and intense. The design of a page has to match the story it is telling or people might have mixed feelings about it. If the story that will be on the page is about death and tragedy then the design of the page should fit that. It would be weird to see a story about a building being bombed with bright happy colors in the background.

If you write a story that you're proud of and want to make sure people read it, then make sure that you have a good design to go with it. If you don't, then your story might just be another page in a book.

Thursday, March 5, 2015


We used to only have a few options for how we could get our news. The internet now provides thousands of different sources that can help get you information. You don't have to read the paper, listen to the radio, or watch the local news anymore. You can just pull up your phone or laptop and instantly have in depth information about events happening around the world. But is that a good thing?

Not all news is biased. Unfortunately, the most common place for people to get there news is filled with bias. News websites on the internet are allowed to be biased. They aren't restricted to only writing opinionless articles that only give us the facts. Now you can go online and find a news source that promotes similar views to yours and you can get all of your "cold, hard facts" from that site. All of a sudden "news" isn't news anymore.

The Weekly Standard is a conservative news website. The top story is a story about Benjamin Netanyahu who is the Prime Minister of Israel. It talks about a Speech given by Netanyahu and Obama's reaction to it. The author of the article asks, "What is Obama so worried about? What is he so scared of?" The author of the article also mentions a suggestion that Obama "doesn't love his country." 

The Nation is a liberal news website. Instead of seeing Obama's reaction to Netanyahu's speech as being scared, they chose to talk about how he is showing power and how he wants to let people know that he isn't afraid. The author gives statistics showing how people support a more liberal plan. It even shows statistics of republicans supporting the liberal plan. 

If you were given both links which one would you click on? chances are that most people who tend to agree with conservative views will go to The Weekly Standard, where as people who tend to agree with more liberal views will go to The Nation. The news is now a biased way to hear information. They still inform you about events that are happening around the globe, but they change some of the information so that it fits their views and reflects their opinions.

Biased news isn't good news. It isn't about the facts or spread information anymore. It's about spreading your opinion and changing real news into something you want to hear. Before the internet, the news you heard was just a collection of facts. Not anymore.

This is a link that helps you figure out if a news source is biased: 

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Future of Journalism

The news might be making a huge change in the near future. Technology is changing so many things in the world that it is gonna be hard for journalism survive without making a drastic change. Not as many people rely on "the news" anymore. People are getting their information from each other and using it as if it is completely reliable. This is something that news agencies are going to have to think about when they figuring out what they need to do.

In order for news agencies to succeed they are going to have to make the news more interactive and more social. People want to share their opinions and talk more about what they think. Technology is changing news into social sharing of events. People hear about events, then immediately go to facebook or twitter and start sharing their views on the topic. If we could integrate the news in to social media then journalists will be able to survive even with the rapid change.

I don't think that journalism is dying, but the role of the reporter might be. People don't need to watch the news in order to get information about world events anymore. People can simply go on google and type in what they want to know and find thousands of results explaining what they want to know. Journalists can still write online and be able to spread their stories. Reporters are going to have a much harder time being able to keep people interested in what they are doing.

News is definitely heading in a different direction. News papers and TV aren't cutting it anymore. People aren't as involved with these ways to get news because they can get the same information but with much more convenience. Now news can be read without even having to change what you're doing. You can work on your computer and read the news without stopping or losing focus. It's quicker and easier now. News agencies just have to find a way to adapt to the new ways that people want to gvet their news.

Our idea for what news can be: EZ News
Another Idea: Kiosk News